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The Northumberland Coast - July 2018

Sunset at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Here at Travel Bureau Destinations we’re lucky to be based in the beautiful North East region of England. This stunning corner of the British Isles has so much to offer visitors, not least of which is our spectacular Northumberland Coast. Officially recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the Northumberland Coast is, in our completely unbiased opinion, one of the best destinations in the whole of the UK. Here’s just a little taste of what you can expect…

Craster is a perfectly charming little seaside town, which is famous for producing Craster Kippers – for those who don’t know, kippers are smoked fish and a popular breakfast dish in the UK – and it’s just a mile’s walk along the headland to Dunstanburgh Castle.

The atmospheric remains of the castle and their picturesque surroundings have drawn admirers for centuries, including one of Britain’s most beloved artists, J.M.W. Turner. Turner first sketched Dunstanburgh Castle in 1797, during a tour of the North of England, and the resulting painting was his first in oils sold from the walls of London’s Royal Academy.

Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland

After exploring the cliffside remains, stroll back to Craster for a leisurely lunch at the excellent pub, The Jolly Fisherman. The appellation is no misnomer, the Jolly Fisherman’s menu is bursting with fish and seafood, including the unmissable crab sandwiches.

For a longer walk (approx. six miles each way) set off past Dunstanburgh towards Newton-by-the-Sea, where you will be rewarded for your efforts by the hospitality of The Ship Inn. You won’t find a finer Ploughman’s platter (a traditional English lunch based around humble but delicious bread and cheese) were you to scour the length and breadth of the country – just make sure you head back before the tide comes in!

Looking out to sea between Craster and Newton-bu-the-Sea, Northumberland

Another lovely walk along the Northumberland coast, a very easy and enjoyable three miles, is the one from Seahouses to Bamburgh. From this beautiful stretch of beach you can see all the way to the Farne Islands (take a boat trip from the mainland to spot the islands’ famous seal and puffin colonies) and you’ll get the best views going of the magnificent Bamburgh Castle.

The Farne Islands seen from Bamburgh Beach

Perched imposingly above the dunes, it will come as no surprise to witnesses of this incredible structure that it was once the seat of the Kings of Northumbria. Equally impressive inside and out, guests can explore behind the vast walls of this ancient fortress and delve into the castle’s rich history.

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Just north of Bamburgh and a few miles out to sea lies Lindisfarne, known locally as Holy Island. Only accessible at certain times when the tide allows, Lindisfarne, along with Bamburgh, is another key site in the county’s history.

Holy Island, as its name suggests, was once a religious haven for Christian monks. The tranquillity of the island was shattered when the first Vikings to invade Britain raided the monastery in AD 793. Today, the priory and castle are fascinating relics of the history of the island and of Great Britain as a whole.

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