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European Odyssey

If you’ve come from further afield, you may want to extend your stay to explore the European continent. This historic region is full of breath-taking scenery, stunning coastlines and beautiful beaches as well as charming Medieval towns and magnificent cities. If you’re looking for culture, Europe has it all, from ancient ruins and celebrated cuisine to era-defining art and architecture.

What's included...

Day 1 - France
Visit France’s beautiful capital city, Paris, where you can dine by the Seine, stroll around the spectacular Musée du Louvre, or picnic on the Champs de Mars beneath the Eiffel Tower. Head to the South of France to experience the glamour of the Côte d’Azur, divine regional wines and delicious Provençale cuisine.
Notre Dame and the Seine at night, Paris
Day 2 - Italy
Whether you opt for Rome’s ancient remains, the renaissance flair of Florence, or Venice’s famous canals, Italy’s cities are some of the most beautiful and fascinating in the world. Explore the Tuscan countryside for rustic Italian charm or discover the A-list haunts of the Italian Lakes and the quaint villages that hug the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.
Florence, Italy
Day 3 - Spain
There’s no better way to enjoy a summer evening in Spain than sipping sangria and eating tasty tapas in the back streets of Barcelona and Madrid. Journey further south to explore the beautiful and historic city of Seville or relax and soak up the sun at one of Spain’s popular beach resorts.
Seville, Spain
Day 4 - And beyond...
Discover the rugged beauty of Portugal’s Algarve region, fall in love with the winding streets and blissful beaches of Croatia or spend your summer island-hopping in beautiful Greece.
The Algarve, Portugal

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