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Romans & Reivers - Hadrian's frontier and lawless lands

For centuries these were wild border lands, dangerous territories at the frontier of warring nations. Hadrian’s Wall is one of the Roman Empire’s best preserved remains – a legacy of policing the very fringe of ancient Rome’s dominions.

Long after the Romans left, the region descended into lawlessness as Border Reiver families roamed the lands driving farmers into their fortified houses for safety. Our tour explores this dramatic period of history, visiting some of Europe’s best known sites, and ranging over glorious countryside.

Tour highlights can include:


What's included...

Day 1 - City, River and Angel...
Newcastle Gateshead is one of Britain’s most exciting cities. On the first day of our tour we take in its stunning architectural attractions and later visit the Great North Museum, especially well known for its Roman gallery as well as its mummies!
The Angel of the North, Gateshead
Day 2 - Cavalry, Bath House and Abbey...
Chesters Roman Fort is a highlight of Hadrian’s Wall: a cavalry fort, complete with riverside bath house. A short walk to Milecastle 42, with its beautiful countryside as a backdrop, provides a perfect photo opportunity. We stop in the historic market town of Hexham for lunch and take a tour of Hexham Abbey and its 7th century crypt. Free time will be available for shopping or to visit Hexham’s Old Gaol which houses a fantastic museum exhibit on Border Reivers.
Hexham Abbey
Day 3 - Corbridge, National Park & Roman Tablets...
Corbridge served as a garrison town for Hadrian’s Wall and a river crossing place. Today it is a picturesque town from where we can explore the pathways of the old garrison. Later we travel into Northumberland National Park and visit Vindolanda, a key military post and home of Britain's 'Top Treasure' - the Vindolanda Writing Tablets.
Vindolanda Roman Fort, Northumberland
Day 4 - Treasures of Cumbria...
A trip to Birdoswald Roman Fort kills two birds with one stone as the site's museum also describes the Reivers' border raids of the middle ages. Next we travel on to Lanercost and the Priory which was built partially from the stones of the Wall before becoming a victim of Henry VII’s purges. Despite its difficult past, much of the Priory remains to be enjoyed before we return to Newcastle, stopping off en route at the Roman Army Museum.
Birdoswald, Cumbria
Day 5 - Bede’s World...
Segedunum houses a full-scale reconstruction of a Roman bath house and the site's 35 metre tower provides outstanding views across this World Heritage Site. Afterwards we head for Jarrow and Bede’s World to discover Anglo-Saxon life at the time of the Venerable Bede and the Northumbrian Kingdom.
Saint Paul's Monastery, Jarrow

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