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The Whisky Trail

Scotland produces some of the finest single malts in the world, the country’s unique and diverse landscape contributing to each distillery creating whisky with its own distinctive character and flavour. On this tour we will explore some of the best whisky producing regions of Scotland and visit eight of the country’s finest distilleries, sampling exquisite whiskies. Along the way we will explore Scotland’s two greatest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh, see the country’s incredible natural beauty, from coastline to mountains.

Tour highlights can include:

What's included...

Day 1 - The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh
Start off in Scotland’s capital city, spend the morning shopping, visiting one of Edinburgh’s excellent art galleries or relaxing in Princes Street Gardens. This afternoon, whet your appetite for the week to come with Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience, take a guided tour, sample various malts and be served an exquisite dinner with foods that complement the whiskies perfectly.
The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh
Day 2 - Auchentoshan Distillery, Glasgow
Before getting lost in the whisky producing islands and highlands of Scotland we stop off in Glasgow, a city brimming with culture. As well as a tour of the Auchentoshan Distillery there will be time to explore Glasgow city centre and to visit nearby Loch Lomond.
Hutcheson's Bar and Brasserie, Glasgow
Day 3 - Laphroaig and Lagavulin, Islay
Today we head to our first island, Islay. Islay is one of the most famous whisky producing islands of Scotland, its whiskies are renowned for their smoky, peaty flavour. First stop is the Lagavulin, located in a small bay on the South Coast of Islay, this distillery is thought to be one of the longest established in the country. Producing whisky since as early as 1742, Lagavulin is an award-winning distillery which produces a rich and complex malt. More whisky awaits at the Laphraoig distillery, this whisky takes its name from the Loch by which it is produced and is a favourite of HRH the Prince of Wales and even bears his Royal Warrant.
Islay, Scotland
Day 4 - Jura
The Isle of Jura distillery is located on one of Scotland’s most spectacular and unspoilt islands. After a tour of the distillery we will have a whole day to explore this untamed island which boasts Iron Age forts, ancient burial grounds and standing stones. Only around 200 people live on Jura while the island is home to over 5000 deer, meaning an encounter with these beautiful creatures is almost inevitable.
Jura Whisky
Day 5 - Tobermory, Mull
Last but not least of our islands is Mull, this beautiful isle is steeped in mystery and myth with so much for visitors to discover. The Island’s mountains and lochs create a dramatic backdrop for its only distillery. The Tobermory distillery is located on the North East tip of the island in a tranquil cove. On a tour of the distillery you will get to taste both of the whiskies produced here: the fruity, unpeated Tobermory and the more robust and smoky Ledaig.
Tobermory, Mull
Day 6 - Glenlivet and Ballindalloch Castle, Cairngorms
Today we travel from the islands of the West coast inland to the magnificent Cairngorms National Park. We will journey through stunning scenery to the Glenlivet distillery whose whisky is highly praised by connoisseurs including Charles Dickens who, after receiving a gift of Glenlivet whisky from a friend in Edinburgh, wrote to thank him for a whisky of excellent quality! On the tour discover the dramatic history of smugglers, discover the secrets of distilling and sample the product itself. No trip to Scotland would be complete without a castle so today we will visit Ballindalloch Castle which is one of the finest surviving examples of a Scottish Baronial castle.
Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
Day 7 - Eden Mill, St. Andrews
Having sampled the very best of traditional Scottish whisky and visited some of the oldest distilleries in the country, we finish off the tour with something more modern. Eden Mill is one of the newest distilleries in Scotland and the country’s first craft brewery and distillery, producing not only whisky but also gin and beer. Take the rest of the day to look around nearby St. Andrews: play a round of golf on one of the famous courses or visit the town’s historic cathedral and castle.
St. Andrews Cathedral

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